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All our prices include delivery to the Mainland UK by either Royal Mail Standard Post for the smaller items or Parcel Force 24 for the larger items. If you are in the Republic of Ireland try to have it delivered to an address in Northern Ireland to save you high postage rates or email us for a quote.

Before you try to order more than one item of each type or multiple items, check our special offers page as there may be a quantity discount included which will save you being charged twice for postage if you use the quantity box on the individual item frame. See our CONTACT PAGE for email, Telephone numbers and postal address. We only deliver Mon to Friday and not over the weekend or Bank Holidays. BioMagic is heavier than water and this pushes the postage price up so all our bottles are full of a concentrated liquid which means if you order a 1-litre bottle it will produce 2-litre of ready to use BioMagic Toilet Fluid which can be diluted in another bottle or in the toilet bowl before flushing down into the holding tank. BioMagic is suitable for cassette type holding tanks not only for caravans and campers but for any size of larger holding tank as found on the larger Motor Homes, RV’s, Narrow boats, Cabin Cruisers and Yachts. It can also be used for commodes in nursing homes. BioMagic is 100% Biodegradable and works with nature to reduce odour and reduce solid waste and toilet paper to a harmless sludge that becomes almost a fertiliser though we are not suggesting that you use it on your vegetable garden or tomato plants. If you are a farmer or have a fish pond we also do a range of products that may interest you.


BioMagic fluid was first invented in the USA and sold in many countries including OZ; NZ; SA; CANADA and the UK. We became sole agents for the product for the UK but the rise in fuel prices between 2006 and 2010 made shipping expensive plus the GB£ to the US$ rate fell making importation unviable and uncompetitive. Eventually, an agreement was reached to make a UK version in the UK to suit the conditions here. This involved adding certain elements that the US version did not have and that included a lime scale inhibitor and an odour anchor element as well as the addition of friendly micro-organisms that were not a part of the US patent so having registered the Name BioMagic in the UK before the US company tried to do so meant that we were free from the threat of legal action over patents and names so BioMagic UK was born. The basic formula involves a liquid that has a very high oxygen content and this enables normally anaerobic bacteria found in the gut and therefore in human and animal waste to be turned into aerobic bacteria. This has two important affects, first it makes the bacteria hyper-active now that they have a plentiful supply of Oxygen rich fluid. The second major affect is that when in the aerobic state they do not produce Hydrogen Sulphide gas, the egg like smell of rotting waste matter. Instead the aerobic bacteria produce carbon Dioxide which is an odourless gas that feeds all plant life on earth, so the smell has gone. The lime scale inhibitor deals with any calcium build up that may come from hard water or medication, while the odour anchor deals with any odour that may be present by anchoring it below the liquid and that is why it is important to add at least a litre or two of water to a cassette and more to a larger holding tank to ensure that the waste is covered by the oxygen rich fluid.

The waste including toilet paper will begin to break down immediately and in a cassette it should be an odourless sludge within two or three days when it is due for emptying. In larger tanks you will find that the more you use the product the better your holding tank will work as a healthy colony of friendly bacteria is established. Just follow the instructions on the bottle label for best results. Please remember that though the product includes magic in its name it will not work miracles so remember that the larger the tank the more BioMagic you will need to add in a pro-rata sort of way based on 50-ml of ready to use BioMagic a week for every 20-litres of volume of water level in the tank for best results, so as the waste water level rises so more BM is required if unsure just add more! If you find your grey water tank smelling add 50 to 100-ml to that and the smell will be gone! The story below is so important for contaminated water tanks that its repeated on page 2 as well.

Here are a couple of true accounts from people who used BioMagic Tank Cleaner after filling water tanks with fuel in error!

I recently bought this product to clean out a camper van water tank that had been accidentally filled with diesel. I can admit it now, as it seems I'm not the only one!

I wasn't confident that the tank would ever really be the same again. I searched the net and found a camper van forum discussion (2009) where a person had made exactly the same blunder and having tried a few things, found that Bio Magic was the only thing that worked.

I followed the procedure using your product and the results are quite amazing. This water is fully potable - I cannot detect any odour or taste and I have drunk half a litre with no ill effects.

I am particularly impressed that this product is safe and fully bio-degradable.

Also, I've saved hundreds of pounds quoted for replacing the system!

Many thanks, DairyMax,


This is from a customer in Southampton, who inadvertently put diesel fuel in his fresh water tank on a luxury charter yacht. This is his story.

Diesel in your Water Tank? Need a ‘Magic’, easy and relatively quick remedy?

A confession! “Did I just do that?” 5 gallons of red diesel straight into one of the three fresh water tanks. “I can’t believe I just did that!”

After 40 years of avoiding this error, at last I had joined this elite and secretive club. Who would wish to admit to this ‘crime’? I had no choice as my other half observed me who was running the hot water at the time. So crime 2 – she, I mean I, allowed the red diesel to enter into the calorifier circuit, producing a lovely rainbow pattern in the sink. Joking about it was my only recourse, as jumping off the Itchen Bridge seemed the only other option that would placate those around me.

Now what? Straight onto the web – what had others done to rectify this error? Well the most common answer was – avoid doing it! Far better to have put water into the diesel tank than vice-versa. From practical experience we would agree with that sentiment. The second piece of advice was – “Isolate the water circulation system immediately – don’t use it!” I had failed on that count as well!

The most favoured solution offered was to replace all the affected water circuits with new pipes, tanks, pumps and calorifier as well. This seemed extreme, very costly particularly in the time required to do the job. Fortunately the boat was not needed for 6 days so I at least had time on my side.

We started by taking the inspection hatch off the affected stainless steel water tank. Yes there was the diesel and its characteristic smell but no water! We had hoped to find the diesel floating on the top of the water – effectively isolating it from the water system but no, the tank had been nearly empty and that is why we had hot water seriously contaminated with red diesel. We drained the tank, extracted it from its foam retaining structure and took it back to our workshop to transport it to the tank cleaners, who seemed less than certain that they could remedy the ‘diesel smell’ issue. Retired for the day to ‘sleep on the problem’.

Next day dawned early, as I found sleep difficult – so onto the web again to see if any better ideas were available. Well others had used agitated ‘Fairy Liquid’ to remove the diesel from tanks, with a variety of solutions to remove the residual Fairy Liquid and any remaining diesel smells. So we tried that on our tank – hot water flushing and quite a lot of Fairy Liquid, followed by several hot water only flushes, then cold water only flushes, ending up with 16 Milton tablets standing in cold water overnight. It worked!

Those on the web were far less confident that such remedial action would work for plastic tanks and pipes. I tried using the technique on the affected hot water system, using the calorifier to heat the water and re-circulating it through the system using the affected water pressure pump. Several attempts were made but one could always detect a trace of diesel, particularly the first flush from the calorifier. I guess the heat brought the diesel off the walls of the calorifier, which then floated to the top to become the initial burst of hot water / diesel mix.


Tucked away in one blog, was reference to ‘BioMagic’, with claims that it had been used successfully to eliminate diesel and it’s smell from fresh water systems – mainly in caravans. It claimed it was not necessary to remove tanks or plastic piping – too good to be true?

I looked it up on the web; Dairymax-uk.co.uk and then phoned Alex on 01530 249253. He listened to my problem and confirmed that BioMagic should solve it for me but to follow the instructions carefully, particularly the inclusion of methylated spirits in the flushing process. He reported success on many caravan-based systems and on one yacht.

We ordered some, re-installed the tank with new input and output plastic tubes, and flushed the whole hot water system through as per instructions, then put in the BioMagic leaving it for 24 hours to ‘do its thing’. We then flushed the whole system through again and there was no sign of diesel in either the cold water system, or the hot water system. Bio Magic had worked!

Talking around the Marina, another person had the same problem but with plastic tanks. We advised he try BioMagic, which he did. He did not dismantle any of the system. First try left some traces of diesel but following the second treatment all traces of diesel had gone.

So BioMagic worked for us, is not that expensive and certainly will save a lot of time and expense in not having to dismantle the water system and substitute new parts.

Eddie Hill

Firstaway Charters

Ocean Quay Marina


07798 730044


When we first decided to publish the site on to the Internet we had what we thought was a wonderful product to help farmers turn their slurry into the best fertiliser on the market. We carried out 6-months of tests on a North Yorkshire Dairy farm, treating the effluent daily with our product. The farmer was supposed to then spread this on his pastures but before we could stop him he sold it for cash so we lost any chance of completing the tests. We were then contacted by many other farmers who insisted that we must be registered with the Organic Association who demanded a portion of our turnover to be registered.

After battling for a couple of years we decided that the British Dairy Farmers were either too poor or too afraid of the authorities to try something new that in spite of the product being used extensively in the USA, OZ and NZ we decided to give up in the UK. If you need more info visit



So! How does this BioMagic Work?


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For over five years we have not increased our prices yet the GBP is at an all time low and uncertainty has caused many products and ingredients to rise in price so we find it impossible to continue with out present price structure. We are now working on a new range but keeping the most popular items including our now world wide famous TANK CLEANER! Prices can be expected to be increase at the end Jan. or early Feb. 2019.

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